We are accepting guest submissions of articles related to Sports & Fitness, family and kids, sports and outdoors and anything related! So if you are searching for guest post submission for your website, write for us. it is known that guest post is 100% better than sponsored post.

We are always careful of our readers and subscribers and therefore our main vision is to innovate an immersive, clear and resourceful article. We talk about a wide range of products, their reviews, guideline, and tips on those products and share user’s experiences on the personal level among ourselves.

Moreover, Peakpicker is a community that always looks for smart and new ideas from the people. Therefore, we would love to have a passionate writer like you! That is why, if you are a passionate writer, you are the right person whom we like.

We Appreciate:

  • Fact-driven, well researched and related to equestrian niche piece of content.
  • Easy, humorous and satirical writing tone in the content.
  • A lot of related photos, infographics, original videos and illustrations that relate to the topic.
  • Barn hacks and tricks to the trade.

We Don’t Appreciate:

  • Unoriginal and rewritten articles that doesn’t provide any unique value.
  • Poorly researched content with no focus story.
  • Grammatically and technically weak content full of jargon and filler words.

Want to Give It A Try? Here is How-

Here is the process-

All facets that get the value to the reader are likely to be covered. If you want to become a proud member of Peakicker contributor, you can follow the following simple steps:

Step 1: We have already mentioned the working sectors such as Sports & Fitness, family and kids, sports and outdoors. Select any one of these niches or anything else you are like to write about.

Step 2: Write the content having at least 100 words. It should be unique, easy to read, well formatted and grammatical error free.

Step 3: If you feel the necessity of attaching a complete article, try to submit the file in a word document format. In such cases, It is recommended to provide hyperlinks that represent acknowledge resources.

Step 4: Your Link must be an authoritative way. Don’t try to link porn or gambling or medical or spam or low-quality website.\

Step 5: Submit your article or pitch just once and don’t submit it to multiple editors.

This informs you that we are to receive huge numbers of articles, we will contact only if we think your article deserve a great value. In case of your getting response from us in first – seven business days, you can submit the article another publications.

Some Quicks Notices for The Writers:

  • Try to be specific, focused and related to one particular topic. It can be the answer to a question, tips and tricks or just sharing your experience.
  • Be careful of your self-promotion.
  • Add relevant and royalty free images as much as possible. Don’t illustrate your piece.
  • You may have published your content on any others websites. If it is so, then let us know. Peakpicker plays with original pieces, not reposts.
  • All rights of editing reformating, meaning and merging the article that you submit, are preserved by Peakpicker.

Frequently Asked Question about Write for Us:

Question: How do I Write for Peakpicker?

Answer: You may much interest in the specific topic and now you want to inform people about this. In This regard, we encourage you creating content and do research for better one.

Question: Do I need to have professional writing experience?

Answer: No, not at all. What you need is that you should be true your words and your writing should be eligible. You also need to add unique value to own website.

Question: Can I write anonymously?

Answer: We are sorry, You can’t. You can write to promote your content and create your own brand value. But in certain cases, you can use a pseudonym that does not certain your name in it.

Question: Do I need to pay money for publishing my article?

Answer: You would be happy to know that we prefer adding value for our readers rather than gathering income through our guest post opportunity. So, you need not to pay anything as long as your article is unique enough.

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