Which Dart Board is Best – Bristle or Electronic Dartboard

which dart board is best

Darts is a game that has been played for thousands of years. Of course, the accessories used to play darts have certainly evolved over the centuries. In modern times, a traditional dartboard is one which contains a flat fibrous surface that you throw sharp-tipped darts into.

Players will want their darts to stick into certain areas of the surface so that they can gain points. Bristle dartboards are the best traditional dartboards because their sisal fibers will close after a dart is pulled out of them. This means the surface of the dartboard will not be covered with holes and dents from using it too much.

Alternatively, an electronic dartboard is a safer board which features darts with softer tips instead of sharper tips. The surface of an electronic dartboard does not get punctured either. It has several tiny holes on the surface which the dart tips go inside after they are thrown. The surface does not get damaged at all.

The board also has lots of bright lights and sound effects included too. Overall, electronic dartboards are user-friendly and great for children and beginners to use for fun. The only downside is that electronic dartboards are not as accurate as bristle dartboards. That is why professional players choose to use bristle dartboards over the electronic ones.

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As previously mentioned, traditional bristle dartboards are comprised of sisal fibers on the surface. Sisal is actually the name of a plant that originates from southern Mexico named Agave sisal Ana. These fibers are very stiff and are used to make all kinds of products. You might find sisal used to make paper, twine, rope, hats, carpets, and cloth. For dartboards, sisal fibers give them an advantage because they can sustain punctures from the darts and still not cause any holes to stay there.

As for electronic dartboards, their surface is made from plastic just like their darts are. These boards do not need durability because their darts are not puncturing the surface.

Bounce Outs:

Bounce outs occur when a player throws a dart directly at the surface of the dartboard, but the dart bounces off onto the floor. This happens more frequently with electronic dartboards because they depend on the tip of the dart to land directly into one of the small holes on the board. If the tip doesn’t land precisely into a hole, the dart will bounce out. This could even happen to a good darts player, despite their accuracy.

Because of this, professional players love traditional dartboards because they have fewer bounce outs. Since the sharp dart tip will penetrate the surface, this makes it virtually impossible for a bounce out to occur if you throw accurately.


Traditional dartboards may be more accurate for players, but they are also more dangerous. The sharp tips of the darts could accidentally puncture a player’s skin if they are not careful. That is why children and beginners should avoid playing on a traditional dartboard. Instead, they should practice on an electronic dartboard because their darts have soft tips which make them much safer.


Electronic dartboards make it easier to have a multiplayer game of between 4 to 8 players. They will even keep track of the scoring for all the players. You won’t find this convenience with traditional dartboards, which typically have between 2 to 4 players at the most.


Electronic dart boards are programmed with more gaming options than traditional dartboards. Some electronic dartboards will even have more than 200 different gaming options. Traditional dartboards are only designed to have a couple of gaming options. So, if you want to increase the fun and variety of your darts games, then you will need to choose the electronic dartboard.

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