What to Put Behind a Dart Board to Protect Wall

What to put behind a dart board to protect wall

No matter what kind of dartboard you purchase, but the question is raised What to Put Behind a Dart Board to Protect Wall. It is a good idea to place a backboard wall protector behind the dartboard.

This will ensure that your wall does not get too damaged or scarred from the dartboard or the darts that will likely hit it. Now if you are using an electronic dartboard or some other safe dartboard which comes with soft-tipped darts, your wall may not suffer as much damage.

However, the weight of the dartboard rubbing against the wall can still leave marks on it. A backboard is a sure proof way to prevent this from happening. And, of course, if you are using a bristle dartboard which has steel-tipped darts, then a backboard is necessary without question. Otherwise, your wall will be covered with holes and marks everywhere.

Okay, so what kind of backboard do you use to protect a wall? Well, you have two options here. You can either purchase a pre-made dart backboard or you can make your own. We will go over each option now.

What to Put Behind a Dart Board to Protect Wall

Buy a Dart Backboard

If you are not a handy person and just want a quick solution for your dart backboard needs, then you can purchase a cork board at your local office store or arts & crafts store. A cork board is what businesspeople normally use to pin notes and documents onto their walls. But a cork board can also serve as a backboard for your darts too.

If a sharp dart tip were to go into the cork board, it would be no different than a pin going into it. Most cork boards only cost between $10 and $50. If you want a fancier one that uses plywood and cork, then you can expect to pay $100 to $200. Below, we recommend a quality backboard for the dartboard, you can check out.

Dart-Stop 29 inch Burgundy Octagon Pro Dart Board Backboard | Wall Protector | Dartboard Surround
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  • ENGINEERED to PERFORM | Sturdy 3/4 inch Thick Wood; 1 inch Overall. Plush No-Dart-Holes Fabric Finish. Pre-Installed...
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Here are more dart backboards we can recommend

Make Your Own Dart Board Backboard:

If you are ready to make your own backboard, you will first need to gather the right materials. The base materials will either be cork foam sheets or wooden slats. Use a saw and miter box to cut the slats or sheets if needed to resize them properly. As an option, you can get a framed base to place the slats or sheets into. The other materials needed are a measuring tape, screwdriver, construction adhesive material, electric drill, leveler, drywall screws, and a glue gun.

make your own dart board Backboard

The Advantages of Backboard Wall Protectors

Let’s summarize all the advantages of using a backboard wall protector.

Protects Your Walls – The biggest advantage of a backboard is to protect your walls. Like previously mentioned, sharp-tipped darts can cause a lot of damage to your walls very quickly if you keep missing the dartboard. Don’t think that you can keep patching up those holes either because eventually, the integrity of your entire wall is going to be compromised. If you ever need to sell your home or move out, you’ll want to make sure that you have no problems with your buyers or landlord.

Straightens the Dartboard – Sometimes the surface of your wall might be a bit bumpy or uneven. This means that if you hang your dartboard on the wall, it will cause the board to be uneven too. A dartboard is supposed to be vertically straight without any slants whatsoever. If you need help making this happen, then a backboard is what you need. It can help vertically align your dartboard on an uneven wall.

Protects Your Darts – If the tips of your darts keep hitting a hard surface, it will likely wear them down over time. A backboard can provide a flimsier surface which the dart can penetrate through easily, such as cork or wood. This is better than having drywall or some steel surface

Adds Aesthetics to Environment – If you create your own backboard, you can customize it to look however you want. You could put decorations and other interesting pictures and designs on the board to spice up its visual appeal. This is great if you play darts with friends and family often.

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