What Dartboard Do Professionals Use

What Dartboard Do Professionals Use

The main dartboard that professional darts players use is the bristle dartboard. Frankly, it is the only dartboard which has material that can last for a long time and give professional players the accuracy they demand. Bristle is a material comprised of special plant fibers called sisal.

Unlike normal plant fibers, sisal is very strong and durable. These are the same plant fibers used to make ropes, cloth, hats, and various other products. But they are best suited as dartboard material because of their ability to take punishment from darts. You will not find a better dartboard in the market for professionals.

What They Consider Before Buying Dartboard

Reduced Bounce Outs:

what dartboard do professionals useProfessionals’ players use bristle sisal dartboard because of its minimal reduced outs than an electronic dartboard. The surface of a bristle dartboard is constructed with lower compression sisal fibers this is why the hitting darts are easily penetrating into the dartboard. Now, most of the dartboard is using thinner wiring system that dramatically helps to reduce bounce-outs.

Thin Wiring:

A lot of dartboards use wiring on the surface to divide the various segments and zones. But if a player throws a dart and it hits the wiring, the dart will bounce out and fall to the ground. For this reason, many professional bristle dartboards are designed with very thin wiring to reduce the bounce-out rate. This means more successful hits with the darts. Plus, the tips of the darts will take less punishment because they won’t keep banging against the steel wiring so much.

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The Numbers Rotate:

Another special thing about bristle dartboards is that you can easily rotate the numbered ring for the segments. Since the edging of the board contains composite materials, this gives you the ability to rotate the outer ring without any hassle. The purpose of rotating the ring is to increase the difficulty and challenge of the darts games. If players get used to the same points for the same segments, it will get too easy and redundant. Switching the segment points ensures that players are using their skills to win the game and not relying on a pattern.

Self-Healing Powers:

Bristle dartboards have a self-repairing ability that no other dartboard has. This makes them the most durable dartboard that you can purchase. When a player throws a sharp-tipped dart into the surface of a bristle dartboard, it will not leave a permanent hole. As soon as the player pulls out the dart from the surface, the hole will patch itself back up. This ensures the dartboard maintains regulation standards in a professional competition.

The favor for Tournament:

The real truth is that most of the dart tournaments in the world offer bristle dartboard competition rather than other type dartboard competitions. As for, professionals’ players use bristle dartboard to sharpen their aiming.

Long Lifespan

No one likes having to purchase a new dartboard every couple of months because they put too many holes in their current one. Paper and rubber dartboards may be great on accuracy, but they have a very short lifespan because they cannot repair themselves. If you play darts regularly, you will put so many holes in the dartboard that it will be unusable in a professional game. On the other hand, bristle dartboards have a very long lifespan because the holes get repaired on their own.


As a professional player, you might need to move your dartboard around to various areas and locations. Since bristle is a very lightweight material, it makes the dartboard lightweight as well. This means you will have an easy time hanging a bristle dartboard on a wall, tree, or any other vertical surface that is sturdy. If you are traveling on the road, you can easily back the bristle dartboard in your vehicle or carrying around by hand if necessary.


You might think that a professional dartboard made from bristle will cost a lot of money. The truth is that bristle is a very inexpensive material, despite being so durable and long lasting. You can purchase a bristle dartboard for anywhere from $20 to $200. They typically come with up to 6 darts each, which is enough for 2 players. The quality of the dartboards is the same, no matter how much money you spend. The only real differences might pertain to the accessories that are included, such as a cabinet or dart holder.

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Final Thoughts:

I think you already get the idea why professionals use the bristle dartboard instead of other type dartboards.

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