Top 15 Health Benefits of Playing Darts

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When most people think about playing darts, they aren’t normally thinking about the health benefits associated with it. They just think it’s a competitive game where people throw darts at a dartboard and try to hit the bullseye to score big points. But whether you hit the bullseye or not, there are lots of health benefits that you’re getting just from playing the game without even realizing it. If you’d like to know what these health benefits are, then keep reading. Below is a list of the top 15 health benefits playing darts which you may not have thought about before

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Top 15 Health Benefits of Playing Darts:

1. Relaxing – Darts is a very relaxing game where you don’t have to physically exert yourself or stress yourself out. It is usually a very laidback atmosphere where you’re throwing darts and watching others throw darts. The simplicity of the game is what makes it so relaxing, especially to those who are carrying stress inside of them. Darts is the perfect stress reliever for them.

2. Socializing – We often don’t get to socialize in-person with our friends and family as much as we’d like to, thanks to smartphones and the internet. Socializing has a tremendous impact on our mental health. Darts is great for mental health because it is a traditional excuse to get together with people and socialize while having fun at the same time. This will feel great and give you the socializing that your brain needs to stay happy.

3. Agility – Agility is the ability to understand things quickly and react quickly. Since you can’t spend all day calculating your next dart throw, you need to think fast about how to make your next throw and then do it. If the outcome of your quick thinking proves to be successful, then you will have good agility. This is an ability you can take anywhere in your life.

4. Self-ControlPlaying darts will teach you how to have more self-control. It isn’t enough to just throw the dart with your hand. You need to know how hard to throw it, how high to raise your hand, and when to release the dart from your hand. The more you learn to control these things, the better your self-control will be.

5. Increase Confidence – Darts is a game that anyone can be great at if they simply practice. You might fail at sports and other more physical recreational games, but darts is something that you can master if you simply have one good arm available. Once you get good at it, you will have the confidence in yourself that you’ve likely been longing for.

6. Play it Outside – Darts may traditionally be played indoors, but you can also play it outdoors and get some fresh air too. Just hang the dartboard to the side of a house, shed, or even a tree and just start throwing those darts at it. If you are someone who is usually stuck indoors a lot, playing darts outside will improve your overall mood.

7. Silent Communication – As you play with teammates, you will learn how to read their hand gestures and nonverbal signals coming from them. Like in baseball, teammates will develop their own silent language in order to give you advice or information about what to do in that moment. This will help you learn to read people better.

8. Enhances Coordination Skills – Darts is all about hand and eye coordination. You watch the dartboard with your eyes and then your eyes communicate with your hand on where to throw the dart. As you enhance your hand and eye coordination skills with darts, you will ultimately become less clumsy in your daily life.

9. Improves Mathematical Thinking – There are a lot of points to keep track of when playing darts. Since there is no scoreboard, you will be doing a lot of math in your head when keeping track of your score versus your opponent’s score. The more math you calculate in your head, the more you will improve your mind and thinking

10. Improves Strategical Thinking – When you’re playing against someone else, you need to develop a strategy for scoring a certain number of points to win the game. This means you need to know the minimum amount of points you need to score with each throw that you make.

11. Good Family Time – Families are so divided these days, which can make someone feel sad. Darts is an activity that can bring families together because it is an easy game for anyone to play and enjoy. Best of all, families can spend time with each other and be happier because of it.

12. Exercise – You might not think that playing darts will give you much exercise, but it actually can. Darts requires you to constantly be on your feet and using your arm to throw the dart. This may not cause you to sweat profusely, but it will at least keep your body in motion. For people who normally sit down a lot, darts can be something good for their physical health.

13. Positive Distraction – We all worry about things in our life; some more than others. If we don’t have a positive distraction to take our minds off these problems, then we won’t be able to stop worrying about them. Darts is a good way to get that distraction that we need at the end of the day.

14. Promotes Teamwork – Having good teamwork skills goes a long way in life. Unfortunately, more people would rather be independent in everything they do, which is not a healthy way to be. Dart games usually have teams of players which compete against each other. This can help improve your teamwork skills which you can then apply to your professional and personal life.

15. Enhances Concentration Skills – It takes a lot of concentration when you throw a dart at a dartboard. You can’t just aimlessly throw the dart because it is likely going to hit the wall or someone’s eye. The more you practice concentrating on your dart throws, the better you will develop your concentration skills. Then, you can apply those to studying in school or attention to details at work.

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