Top 10 Dart Board Rules

dart rules

The Top 10 Dart Board Rules refer to the dartboard rules of various darts games that are available to play. All games are played with a dart board and three darts. The dart board is usually made of cork, sisals, or rubber. The diameter of the board is typically 18 inches and contains 20 sections. The basic dart rules are to throw darts at the dart board and score points.

top 10 dart board rules

Top 10 Dart Board Rules

1) Rules of Dart Board

There are numbers at the top of each section of a dart board which indicates the number of points that are scored if a dart is thrown within that section. Starting from the top and going clockwise, the numbers are 20, 1, 18, 4, 13, 6, 10, 15, 2, 17, 3, 19, 7, 16, 8, 11, 14, 9, 12, and 5. The dart board is usually about 6 feet up from the ground and the player is supposed to stand about 8 feet away from the board. There are a double ring and triple ring zones within the 20 sections on the dart board and if a dart is thrown into them, the player scores double and triple the value of the section; respectively. In the middle of the dartboard, there is an inner ring bullseye and an outer ring bullseye where you can score 50 points and 25 points; respectively.

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2) Dart Rules Cricket

In a game of cricket, there are two teams and each team get to choose their own dartboard numbers to aim for. The objective for each team is to score the most points with their chosen numbers only. Bullseye counts for both teams.

3) Dart Rules ’01 Games

Instead of scoring points, teams playing ’01 Games will actually be aiming to lose points. Each team starts with a set number of points, usually 301 points. The teams will then try to aim for high numbers and if they hit them with their darts, those numbers get subtracted from their original 301 points. The team that gets to 0 first wins.

4) Dart Rules Baseball

The dart game rule for this is like a baseball version of darts. There are nine innings and each team tries to score as many points as they can per inning. But if they miss the board 3 times, the team is out for that inning.

5) Dart Rules Killer

This is a game played by skilled darts players. The rules are that you must use your opposite hand to throw one dart only. So, if you’re a right-handed person, then you need to use your left hand. You must also choose one number only that you want to aim for. If you can score a double or triple of your number, then you’re deemed as the “killer” and you win.

6) Dart Rules Shanghai

The objective of Shanghai is to score points in order, starting from 1 and going up to 20. If you hit a number out of the ordered sequence, then you lose your turn. The first team to complete this sequence wins.

7) Dart Rules Legs

The dart rules for Legs gives players the opportunity to choose the order of the points that they’re going to score. The usual points that get chosen are 20 and 19. The player to get the highest score with three dart throws will win.

8) Dart Rules 51 by 5’s

Teams will use three darts per turn. On the third and last throw of a turn, the player is supposed to hit a number that is divisible by 5. This means they need to hit a 5, 10, 15, or 20 on their third throw.

9) Dart Rules Round the World

The dart rules of English Rocket require each team to hit all the numbers on the dart board, but it doesn’t have to be in any particular order. If you get a double or triple for the number, that will still count as hitting that number.

10) Dart Rules English Cricket

This is the English cricket version of darts. One team is the bowler and the other is the batter. The double and triple areas count as 1 wicket and 2 wickets; respectively. The bullseye counts as 3 wickets. The team should aim to get 10 wickets per round.

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