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Who it’s for: The OUTJOY Backpack is perfect for both men and women who need to carry their clothing, books, documents, and laptop somewhere. Who it’s for includes:

  • Travelers on an airplane.
  • Hikers in the woods.
  • Student at school & college.
  • Businesspeople working in an office.
  • Regular carrying a 17” laptop or causal gamer carrying video gaming laptop.
  • Biker carrying his gear.
  • Gym member carrying their fitness clothes.
  • And more!

This best multi-purpose backpack has all the room you’ll need to fit your important work materials into it. There are plenty of pockets which can fit items of all shapes and sizes. If you wanted to bring your whole home office to your job with you, this backpack can make that happen.

How OUTJOY Backpack Features Provide Benefits:

The Outjoy Backpack has multiple spacious compartments which are made to carry many kinds of specific items. If you need to carry clothes when you’re traveling somewhere, there is a compartment for that. If you need to carry an iPad, laptop, or notebook, there is a 17.3-inch laptop water Resistant compartment for those as well. Other kinds of items you could carry include books for school, water bottles for exercise, and important personal belongings like keys, passports, and other personal documents. You’ll be amazed how much you actually can carry once you start packing the backpack.

Strong Water Repellent Material:

This shockproof backpack will keep your items safe from outdoor weather conditions because it is made of a special waterproof polyester material which can repel water away. This means if you’re caught outside in the rain, you won’t ever have to panic about getting your laptop or books wet ever again. Plus, this material is durable enough to allow the backpack to last you for years.

Spacious Middle Compartment:

The middle compartment is the most spacious of all the compartments of this backpack. You can place bigger items in there like clothes, books, work files, personal documents, and so on. This is really a multi-purpose compartment that you can use for pretty much anything that is not breakable. And because it is the biggest compartment, this is where you can place the majority of your items.

Multi-Pocket Outer Compartment: 

The outermost compartment of the Outjoy Backpack is where you can store a lot of your smaller items, even the fragile ones. There are a variety of functional pocket and mesh fictional pocket spaces with zippers to them. One larger side pocket allows you to store and secure precious items like wristwatches, smartphones, MP3 players, and other items that you’ll want to access quickly while you’re on the go. The other side pocket is useful for storing your personal or work documents, just in case you need to access them in a hurry as well.

As for the wall pockets, these are detachable and are constructed for your headphones and computer mouse. If you have very small items like pens, cards, or pencils, you can use the smaller functional pockets which exist all around the compartment. If you want to hang your keys to the backpack, there is an elastic rope which comes out of it that you can connect to your keys. Finally, there are 2 handy pockets on the sides which are designed to hold your umbrella and water bottle.

Backpack for Men and Women Fit 17 Inches All 15.6 Inches Laptops Waterproof Shockproof OUTJOY School Bag Travel Laptop Backpack Book Bag Business Work Daypack Black
  • OUTJOY Laptop backpack offers a specially and professionally shockproof protective airbag technology with extra bubble...
  • It is an ideal business backpack or travel rucksack for its improved durable Metal buckles connectors, cushioned...
  • OUTJOY men’s laptop work backpack has water resistant outer fabric and waterproof rain cover for a double protection...
  • Our large backpack has roomy space with organized pockets to your daily need.The pockets’ construction is improved...
  • Additionally, Luggage Strap is a highlight that can attach onto the luggage pull- along handle when you are on business...

Roomy Inner Compartment:

The compartment that is innermost of the backpack features 2 powerful zippers to secure its contents. You can use this compartment almost like a suitcase because it has 2 padded sleeves for your fragile laptops and it zips up 180 degrees from top to bottom. This makes it easy for placing these items into the compartment and then securing them in there.

Comfortable Shoulder Straps:

The shoulder straps of the Outjoy Backpack are fully adjustable to your shoulder type and cushioned for comfort and reliability. That way, it will be virtually impossible for the shoulder straps to slip off your shoulders as you’re wearing the backpack. You also won’t feel too much weight pressure on your shoulders as well. This will ultimately reduce the amount of shoulder pain or discomfort that you would normally feel from a backpack without cushioned shoulder straps.

Ventilated Back Panel:

The backside of the backpack has a panel with ventilation holes integrated into it. The purpose of these holes is to help prevent shoulder fatigue from carrying the backpack for too long. This area is also cushioned, which gives you more comfort and support for your own back while you’re wearing the backpack.

6-Month Warranty:

You will receive a 6-month warranty when you purchase the Outjoy Backpack. This means that if your backpack were to become faulty or not live up to the claims being made within the first 6 months after you make your purchase, then you can return it for a replacement at no charge to you. Therefore, you really have nothing to lose by purchasing this backpack.


  • Waterproof fabric helps keep contents of backpack dry if it is raining outside.
  • The durability of the backpack will make it last for a long time.
  • There is a padded compartment for storing and securing a laptop computer.
  • There are many spacious compartments that are big enough to hold books, documents, and other personal items.
  • The backpack is priced reasonably for the quality that you’re getting.
  • Cushioned shoulder straps make it easy for the backpack to stay on your shoulders.
  • Each buyer gets a 6-Month warranty on their purchase.


  • There are no other colors to choose from.
  • Not available in many stores.

Final Thought:

There are plenty of backpacks to choose from on the market. However, the benefits that you get with the Outjoy Backpack certainly make it a worthy investment. It is a backpack which gives you comfort, reliability, durability, plenty of space, and a warranty in case you are not satisfied. But like most people who have already purchased the Outjoy Backpack, you’re bound to be satisfied no matter if you use it for school or work. Go ahead and make this affordable investment today.

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