Best Magnetic Darts of 2020 – Buying Guide and Reviews

best magentic darts

When you want to play darts, you always have to make sure that you put safety first. Throwing away darts is very tricky, especially if there are people nearby.

If you are a newcomer or you just want to practice, it just makes a lot of sense to use the best magnetic darts.

Why is that important? Because magnetic darts are always very easy to throw and there’s no danger to them. That, combined with a powerful throw can really help you practice all the time. And that’s exactly what you need to consider in the end.

Magnetic Darts Buying Guide

Now that you know you want to get magnetic darts for a magnetic dartboard, you really have to figure out the best model for you. For the most part, you will notice that many of these products are designed with simplicity in mind. However, there are plenty of interesting considerations you can make when you get such a product, as you can see below!

Magnetic Dart Size

Usually, the dart size will vary for the magnetic darts. Some of them are smaller, others are larger. The ideal size for a newcomer and even for experts is around 8 cm. You can play around with this if you want, but for the most part, this will be the best size, so try to consider that in the end.

Magnetic Dart Weight

There’s no ideal weight, unfortunately. The problem is that every person will come up with a different requirement. Some people like their darts to be light because that makes them easier to throw. On the other hand, you will see that some people want to feel the dart as they throw it as this brings them better control. Either way, you can acquire some good results if you just test out the weight just to see what works for you.

Dart Tip:

The tip of the darts is just as important. Since we are talking about magnetic darts, in this case, you want to have a flat tip ideally. That being said, the tip also needs to be sticky. The sticky tips will have a better grip and that’s exactly what will matter the most in here.

Best Magnetic Darts To Buy (Review)

1. Yalis Magnetic Darts 12 Packs

It can be hard to find the top magnetic darts, but Yalis does manage to create a very compelling and powerful experience you will enjoy. The thing to notice here is that you can exchange the tip with other darts, boosting safety and making this product a lot more suitable for kids. That can be a problem sometimes, so being able to do this is interesting as it is refreshing.

Yalis Magnetic Darts 12 Packs, Replacement Dart Game Safety Plastic Darts, Red and Yellow
  • Size: About 8 cm (length)
  • Material: Hard plastic and magnet
  • Good replacements or spare ones for dart game, designed to use with magnetic dartboards (not included) and the darts...
  • These darts swap the usual sharp point for a magnetic tip, making them safe for younger players

Hard plastic used for sustenance and Improvements

On top of that, the use of hard plastic is extraordinary here. It manages to give a lot of value to the darts and the results on their own are very interesting and unique. The darts are quite accurate when compared to other types of magnetic darts, which is a huge plus.

Outstanding Features in a Small package:

You don’t really need the darts to be very large, you can get a tremendous quality and value even with the smaller stuff. The focus has to be on consistency and on making sure that everything works as expected. And in this case, it works a lot better than you would expect. It’s certainly worth the effort.


  • Hard plastic build.
  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Multiple replacements.
  • You can swap the plastic if needed.


  • They are light, so it takes a while to get used to their weight.
  • Handle them with care, they can be a bit fragile at times.

Final Overview: While this package takes a bit of getting used to, the idea of adding hard plastic to the product was a good one. You can also swap the plastic side in case it chips or breaks. And there are plenty of replacements in the package to make it worthwhile!

2. SBParts Magnetic Darts

What makes this product interesting is the fact that you can use them for practice without having to worry too much about any safety concerns. The combination of plastic and magnet might seem a bit overkill at times, yet it does tend to work really well.

SBParts 6 Pcs Magnetic Darts for Magnet Dartboard(3 Red+3 Green)
  • Material:plastic + magnet
  • The darts can be apart, you can replace the flight
  • It brings fun to you
  • A essential accessory to play with dartboard
  • A wide variety of fun games of skill can be played using this product

Features and Benefits:

Take them Apart if You Want:

Maybe the cool thing about all of this is that you can take the dart apart and replace the tip. So even if one of the magnetic darts will break, that doesn’t mean you have to throw the magnet. You just replace the tip and that’s it. That just makes it easier to control the process and focus on a great experience.

Suitable for all Games:

The great thing about this product is that you can use it with any type of magnetic board. You will be using it for a plethora of games and it’s an easy to use accessory. Another thing to note is that the price is very affordable too, which makes it a pleasure to check out and eventually buy. People that like darts will love this product, just because it’s light, you have 6 darts and the interchangeable darts will make a huge difference.

Easy to Interact with:

When you purchase this kind of darts, the last thing you think about is using them for professional tournaments. The trick is to use them for fun, and it really works most of the time. It’s all about fully focusing on the value of it all and the quality that you receive in the end. It’s just really nice to access all this stuff and extremely enjoyable too.


  • Very easy to use and store.
  • Suitable for all kinds of games.
  • Very convenient to carry.
  • A combination of plastic and magnet.


  • Takes a while to get used to their weight.

Final Overview: This is a great product for kids and adults and it does a very good job when it comes to offering you a fun experience. It might not be for pros, but the price is great and you do get a wonderful time with it. So yes, it’s well worth a purchase.

3. DODOGA Magnetic Darts

DODOGA always strives to create good darts tools for players and this one really is an interesting package. For a very low price, you receive a magnetic darts package and you will also notice they have lots of colors to choose from. The cool thing is that the darts are designed with ease of use and they are also super light.

DODOGA Magnetic Darts for Magnet Dartboard Dart Board, Replacement Dart Game Safety Plastic Darts(12pcs)
  • The package comes with 12pcs magnetic darts. 4 colors: green, blue, red, yellow, 3pcs for each color.
  • Material: hard plastic and magnet. Length: about 3.15 inch.
  • The durable magnet is very strong, could stick to the magnetic board(not included) very well.
  • These darts replace the usual sharp tips, safe for younger players.
  • Good replacements or spare ones for dart game.

Features and Benefits:

Outstanding Safety Features

Safety is a concern, so trying to stay away from sharp tips can be a huge thing to focus on. Thankfully you get all of that here and it’s a wonderful opportunity and experience to enjoy all the time. They can work great for multiple games, and they can easily stick to the board in no time. The combination of magnet and hard plastic is great. 12 pieces are more than enough especially if you want to have replacements.

Beautiful Inlays:

When you get magnetic darts you want them to be very adaptable and easy to use. And for the most part, you really get all the value and benefits you want without any hassle. The investment is not huge, but it’s totally worth it and that’s exactly what you want here. And the inlays are perfect for what they are here.


  • Safe tips.
  • Great combination of plastic and magnet.
  • 3.15 inch in length, ideal for magnetic boards.
  • 12 pieces to use as a replacement if needed.


  • Not extremely durable.
  • You can’t interchange their heads.

 Final Overview: Despite the minor mishaps, this is a great product for people that want a simple set of magnetic darts. It’s a really simple one to use, however you have to expect that the durability might not be amazing at times

4. Pixnor Pack of 10 Magnetic Darts

Quality magnetic darts set from Pixnor, a set that can be used by kids and adults alike. when you purchase magnetic darts, it can take a bit of time to get used to the way these works. But the Pixnor product presented here has a lot of value. You have 5 red pieces and 5 yellow pieces, which is nice. The hard plastic and magnet combination are extraordinary, and it does tend to work extremely well if you do it right.

Easy to Attach and Use:

The product attaches very fast to the board and it stays there. This helps you manage scores a lot easier. You can use these as your main unit or as a replacement board if you want, so you should totally check it out and give it a try if possible. The improved safety and light weight make this set one to look out for.

10 Great Magnetic Darts:

Usually getting 10 pieces might feel like a lot, but here this is exactly what you want. It seamlessly combines all the features into something that’s powerful, interesting and also very reliable. You rarely get to have all of that, which is why you need to consider giving it a try and just using it as you see fit. It will totally be worth it in the end.


  • Ideal length.
  • 5 red and 5 yellow darts.
  • Hard plastic, very durable.
  • A very lightweight magnetic darts set.


  • Not the most durable set on the market.
  • You can’t get a lot of accuracy due to their weight.

Final Overview: There are lots of things to like about this package. You could get more darts, but the ones you have here are very durable and quite light too. So, for the most part, you will be very happy with your purchase.

5. Doinkit Darts for Magnetic Board

Great, small refills for magnetic darts players that need a new set to check out and use on their daily schedule. One of the best things about this package is that you have 3 each of 2 colors, which can be great for you.

Doinkit Darts - 20+ Game Premium Magnetic Dart Board Game Set Full Set of Kid Safe Durable Darts Fun Indoor Party Game for Kids and Adults
  • BULLSEYE: All the fun of classic darts boards without harm to pets, or people! Light, durable Doinkit flights keep...
  • FAMILY FUN FOR GAME NIGHT: Safety darts are perfect for children. Boys and girls will learn coordination and have fun...
  • PREMIUM DESIGN FOR OVER 20 TRADITIONAL DART GAMES: The extra large dart board has all the same characteristics as the...
  • ACCURATE FLIGHT: Balanced neodymium magnetic dart tips never need replacing & never lose their magnetic strength. The...
  • DURABLE & STRONG FOR YEARS OF PLAY: One- XL 16" Dart Board, Six - Safe Magnetic Darts (Three Each of two Colors)....

Features and Benefits:

Sturdy and Durable:

The body of this unit is not helping you with accuracy, however, the magnet is housed in plastic and that gives it a bit more production. On top of that, customers state that this product is durable, mainly due to the fact that it’s not super rigid and it’s easier for it to deal with potential problems that appear.

Improving Your Game and Increasing Safety:

The lack of a strong tip for all darts makes it very suitable for kids in particular. In addition, it will be very good if you want to avoid harming walls or anything like that. It’s just a simple, very convenient way to bring in front great experiences and fun moments for kids.

Suitable refills package:

When you play with magnetic darts, you do end up breaking some darts here and there. In this case, the package is exactly what you want. It’s a really good product for what it is and it always manages to offer that perfect feel and consistency. You get to have refills if needed, and even using it as your main unit it will work really well.


  • 2 sets of 3.
  • Safe for kids and adults alike.
  • The magnets are powerful and strong.
  • Very simple and easy to use.


  • You can’t have great accuracy.

Final Overview: The use of strong magnets is extraordinary here and the product does allow you to play again and again. Even if there might be some small issues when it comes to accuracy, for the most part, you will have a pretty good experience.

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