How to Throw Darts with Precision- Top 10 Tips from Professionals

how to throw darts

You may be like many people who want to know how to throw darts with precision. It can take some people many years before they can perfect their dart throwing skills to this degree.

Fortunately, there are certain tips that you can follow to help increase your chances of being more precise. Below are the top 10 tips to help you increase the precision in your dart throws.

How to Throw Darts with Precision-Top 10 Tips from Experts

#01: Learn a Technique

how to throw darts with precision

Dart throwers get better at the game by learning a dart throwing technique that works best for them. Dart throwing techniques involve everything, from how hard you grip the dart to how hard you throw the dart. This is something that can’t really be taught. You just have to learn from experience.


#02: Gripping the Dart

The raised area in the middle of a dart is called the barrel. This is the part you need to hold with three or more fingers. Your middle finger, thumb, and forefinger will be the main fingers which give you a grip on the dart. If you need to stabilize the dart more, place your ring finger on the back of the barrel. Don’t grip the dart too hard, but rather just enough to keep it stable.

how to throw darts

#03: The Right Throwing Stance

The stance you have when throwing a dart is important to how successful you will be at it. You will typically want to position your feet hip-width apart while turning to the side. If your right foot is your dominant foot, then make sure that is the one facing forward on the throwing line. This foot should be centrally aligned with the dartboard while the other foot is to the side.

How to throwing Darts

#04: Aiming the Dart

Bring the dart up to where it is the same level as your eyes. Keep the dart’s tip-tilted upward a bit. Visualize the tip being aligned with the dartboard. Keep your elbow at a 90-degree angle as you’re about to make your throw.

#05: Practice on your Own

There is no better way to increase dart throwing precision than to practice. The best way to practice darts on your own is to simply get a electronic dartboard or bristle and a set of darts for your home. Hang the dartboard somewhere sturdy, like on a tree in your backyard or on a wall in your basement. Then, just practice as often as you can.

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#06: Throw Consistently

The best way to get better at throwing darts is to throw them consistently. Don’t just throw darts on the weekend and then forget about darts for the rest of the week. If you’re wondering how to throw darts consistently if you have a busy work schedule, just take 10 minutes in the evening time to throw them. This will keep your mind familiar with the game, so you don’t forget your technique.

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#07: Letting Go of the Dart

You will move your hand back a little bit and then use the power of your wrist, elbow, and hand to release the dart. To increase precision, do not move your shoulder when you make the throw. Keep most of your body weight on the foot that is forward. As you release the dart from your hand, snap your wrist while throwing your arm forward.

#08: Keeping Score

As you learn to enhance your precision at dart throwing, you will want to keep a historical record of how well your dart throwing has improved. That is why you should keep a complete record of the number of points you score when you practice throwing darts alone. After a few weeks, review the score and see if it’s gone higher or lower. This will let you know whether your precision is getting better or if you need to practice harder.

#09: Play Against Others

Now that you’ve got all the basic skills of enhancing your dart throwing precision, now it’s time to compete against other people in a public setting. When you do, study the movements of your opponent, and see what their dart throwing technique is. If they’re scoring a lot of points, try to learn from their technique and implement it into your own.

#10: Join a League

Once you’ve conquered all the other tips and you’ve gotten experience playing other people, you should then join a darts league where you can learn more tips from professional darts players. This is the best way to really perfect your precision so that you can become as skilled as the pros.

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