How to Play Shanghai Dart Game

How to Play Shanghai Dart Game

Shanghai a darts game named after a city in China. Some people say it originated there, although that cannot be confirmed. If you are looking for a challenging and difficult darts game, then Shanghai will certainly please you.

But it is also a very fun darts game which has rules that are like baseball. Each game has innings instead of rounds. There can be anywhere from 7 to 20 innings altogether, and the objective of each player is to score more points during each inning than any other player.

But there are certain rules that must be followed per inning because you are not allowed to just hit any number that you want. If you do, then hitting that number will not grant you any more points.

How to Play Shanghai Dart Game – (Step by Step Guide)

How to Score:

The number of the inning represents the numbered segment on the dartboard that the players must try to hit. For instance, during the first inning, each player is only allowed to hit the number 1 segment. During the second inning, they are only allowed to hit the number 2 segment, and so on. Since each player gets three throws per inning, they must land all three darts within the same numbered segment.

That is the only way they can score points for that inning. And if they happen to throw a dart into the double or triple zone of the numbered segment for that inning, then they will achieve double or triple the points. Obviously, this will be what all the players will want to do.

How to Win:

Shanghai should be played with at least 4 players, but more than 4 players are recommended. If you have several hours to spare, then you should play 20 innings so that you can complete every numbered segment on the dartboard.

You always start with 1 and then go up to 20, or whatever the maximum number is for your innings. You don’t need to hit the bullseye area at any point because it won’t count. Just play all the innings while someone keeps track of the points scored along the way. At the end of the innings, whoever has the most points will win the game.

how to play shanghai dart game

Variations to Shanghai Darts:

Professional dart players may want to make Shanghai Darts even more challenging. There are lots of ways you can do this by tightening up the rules and making them stricter. For instance, you could require players to have to hit the double or triple areas of the numbered segment for that inning.

If the hit the single area, then it does not score them any points. Another variation could be adding the bullseye requirement to the end of the game. After the players go through 20 innings, have a final inning where you all must hit the bullseye only. Each hit on the bullseye will score a player 50 points and give a chance for those who are lagging behind to catch up.


Shanghai Darts is definitely not a game for amateur dart players. You need to have good aim and control over your darts when you throw them. That is the only way you will be able to land your darts in the specific numbered segments that you’re supposed to.

If you’re a newbie player who just randomly throws darts and hopes they hit the board, you are going to fail miserably at Shanghai Darts. Get experienced at throwing darts first and then get a group of skilled dart players together. Not only will you have hours of fun, but it will really test who is the best darts player. The winner of a Shanghai Darts game will be good enough to play in tournaments.

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