How to Hang a Dartboard – Step by Step Guide

how to hang a dartboard

A layperson might think that it is a simple task to hang a dartboard on a wall. However, this task involves more than just hammering a nail into a wall and then placing the dartboard on the nail.

There are several other factors which you need to consider before hanging a dartboard up. For instance, what type of wall will your dartboard be hanging from? Is it strong enough to hold the weight of the dartboard?

How high are you going to hang the dartboard? Is your floor protected in case the dartboard falls? And finally, is your wall protected in case darts end up hitting it?

All these questions and considerations must be addressed first. We will go over them now.

Step by Step Guide for Hanging a Dartboard

Materials Needed to Hang a Dartboard

The basic materials you will need are a backboard, screws, electric screwdriver, pencil, and tape measure. The backboard should be rectangular and made of cork foam or plywood. You can purchase one of these at any office supply store.

The rest of the materials should be self-explanatory. You will be screwing the backboard onto your wall and the dartboard onto the backboard. The tape measure and pencil will allow you to mark the dimensions in case space is limited.

Location of the Dartboard

Most dartboards are hung on walls. This could be the wall in your living room, basement, or bar. Some people have drywall while others have wooden walls. Both types of walls are suitable for hanging dartboards on.

Alternatively, if you want to use your dartboard outside, you can hang it on a tree or the exterior of your house. Just be sure to keep the dartboard protected from the weather in case it rains.

Protecting Your Wall:

The purpose of hanging a backboard is to protect the wall area around the dartboard. Since you will be throwing sharp-tipped darts, you don’t want the wall to get punctured and damaged repeatedly.

Your backboard should be a tough, but flimsy material that doesn’t dent. That is why cork, foam, or plywood are the best options. If you want to spend the extra money, you could put the dartboard inside of a cabinet and have that protect the wall instead.

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Protecting Your Floor:

Unless you never miss the bristle dartboard, you can expect many darts to bounce onto the ground. The sharp tips of the darts can easily damage the flooring if it is not protected. Not only that, your flooring could possibly damage your darts as well.

If the dart tips keep on falling onto a hard floor, they are going to pull out and lose their sharpness. Then you won’t be able to use them anymore. Therefore, the best solution for protecting your flooring is to place a rubber mat down on it. This is suitable for all types of flooring, such as tile, concrete, wood, and stone.

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How to Hang Your Dartboard:

If you want to stick to the official rules of darts, you will need to hang your dartboard approximately 5’8” high on the wall from the floor. You measure this from the floor to the bullseye in the middle of the dartboard. Use a pencil to mark this area on the wall. Now measure from the bullseye to the hanger clip on top of the dartboard. Mark this spot on the wall too.

how to hang a dartboardThat is where your screw or nail is going to go. It is better to use a screw because it will be sturdy and less likely to slip out of the wall.  As for the backboard, that will be hung just below the hanger. Make sure the dartboard is positioned directly in the middle of the backboard.

How to Determine Your Throw Line:

If you want to get truly professional, you will need to make a throw line on the floor. The width of the line needs to be 3 feet. The distance from the line to the wall will depend on which type of dartboard you are using.

If you are playing with soft-tipped darts, the distance needs to be 8 feet. If you are playing with steel-tipped darts, the distance should be 7 feet 9 ¼ inches. Use the measuring tape and pencil to determine this distance.

Ensure the Floor is Leveled:

Darts needs to be played on a leveled floor. Older houses tend to slope as time goes on. This will cause the flooring to be unleveled. You can fix this by placing carpeting or cardboard on the flooring area where the throw line is located.

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