Golf Darts Game- How to Play, Technique & How to Win

golf darts game

There are a plethora of dart game variants out there. Each one is a bit different when compared to others, but all of them are designed to bring in front of some nifty, fun and interesting mechanics.

The cool thing with the Golf is that it’s designed with a true focus on a fun time. It’s never very easy to get a hold and just experience a game like this, but it does get fun as you figure out how to play and enjoy it. However, Golf is different when compared to other dart game variants because it’s unique.

It has a true focus on resembling the regular golf game, all while bringing you that fun dart game experience in ways you would not imagine. You will have to test it out and give it a shot, and the results can be great.

Golf Darts Game- How to Play, Playing Technique & How to Win

What is the objective in Golf?

The trick with this game is that you have either 9 or 18 holes and you will have to complete each hole in as few shots as possible. You will need to do everything in your power to avoid situations when you attack a hole without actually being able to complete it fast. If you miss that number for some reason, you will have to go again. But your competitor might be able to advance, so the idea is to always complete every objective in just a few movements.

The way you keep score is just like in a regular game of Golf. You need to use as few movements as possible, so the lowest score will win. Basically, if you end up with a high score you will not have a great result in the game, so you have to identify any possibly great results and just assess the situation the best way that you can. It’s a great opportunity to consider and one that can be great in the end.

Is Golf hard to play?

If you know how to play regular golf, you will feel right at home with this game. It’s not a hard title, although you have to realize that it does take a little bit of time to play it, and that’s a crucial aspect to consider. But if you get past that, you will find that the results are pretty interesting, to say the least.

The playing order makes no difference, but once you figure out a certain playing order you have to stick to that. Yet it’s nice to see a dart game where the playing order isn’t mandatory or extremely important to the game and the experience as a whole.

Important Things to Note

Players need to agree on the number of holes before starting to play, as this will just make the process a lot better and more convenient in that situation. The running total is kept for every hole, as it makes things a lot easier and players get to know whether they have a huge advantage or disadvantage. Another thing to consider here is that the doubles ring counts as a hole in one, so that’s what you need to strive for most of the time.

If you get to press the triples ring, you will have 2 strokes. If you do end up hitting the thin wedge placed between the triples ring and the bullseye, that will be 3 strokes. And then you have the thick wedge between the triples and the doubles ring, which will be 4 strokes.

If you do end up missing the number entirely, that will be 5 strokes. And yes, 5 is the worst score that you can get. Beginners will get some 5s as they start playing, but better players strive for the hole in one, and those matches can be very impressive.

Playing Techniques:

Usually, you want to go for the thin outer doubles ring, as that will be a hole in one. You need to do that if you want an advantage. Most of the time the game will provide you with anywhere from 1 shot to 3 shots per hole. Normally it will be 1-2 shots, but you are the one that can set the rules.

What you may not know is that only the last dart you throw is the one that counts. Which means the best thing you can do is to warm up with the first one or first 2 and only focus on the final one. As that’s the one that will most likely help you win or not.

You can stop even after the first hit if you did one that’s satisfying. A lot of people tend to get greedy and they always go for the hole in one. But in the end, any point is better than nothing, so it’s a good idea to manage your expectations.

There’s not a ton of strategy to the game, however, you do need to know when to stop. That makes the difference between a seasoned player and a casual that just wants to get the best possible score.

How to Win?

Believe it or not, you need to have a balanced score. You don’t have to go with the hole in ones. If you just pursue that and you don’t have an excellent skill, you can end up losing. The best thing you can do in the game is to try and keep a balanced score. This way even if you lose at a hole, you do end up winning at another one. It’s that balance that will give you the comfort and value you want.

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Yes, Golf is a fun game and it does require a lot of focus. It’s not a heavily strategic game, the strategy mostly comes from knowing how and when to stop.

That will just make the process more convenient and interesting. Yes, it does take a little bit of time to learn the ins and outs, but this is not a super complex game. It’s certainly one of the most exciting dart variants, so you should totally try it!

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