Darts Scoring Apps- Top 5 Apps for Smartphone & PC

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In the age of mobile technology, it should be no surprise that there are darts scoring apps available for keeping score during a darts game. Some of these apps will even give you information about the rules of darts as well. This is beneficial to any new player who wants to learn all the rules of a particular darts game prior to playing it. Then, they can just add the scores to the app and let it calculate the total.

There are a lot of different darts scoring apps available for Android and iOS. Many of the apps have the same concepts, but their designs and approach to scoring are different.

It can be difficult for someone to choose which darts scoring app is right for them. Overall, you’ll want an app that can serve as a darts points calculator. This will save you from having to keep track of the math yourself and likely make a mistake in the process.

Below are the top 5 darts scoring apps that are available. There are certainly many more apps for darts scoring, but these specific ones are the most recommended based on their reviews.


Darts Scoring Apps- Top 5 Apps for SmartPhone & PC


#01: Darts Scoreboard – for Android 

The Darts Scoreboard app will help you keep score for many popular darts games that people love to play, such as solo play, team play, and cricket. It is a pretty simple app to use for keeping score of your darts game.

There is a numerical pad similar to a phone pad which you use to enter the scores into the app. The virtual scoreboard will show you the points earned for each of the legs and sets that were played.

You can download the darts scoreboard online by visiting the Google Play store with your Android device. From there, you can initiate your dart scoreboard download right from your mobile device and then install it within a minute. An additional feature of the app includes statistical charts based on the previous scores that were made.

Darts Scoreboard
Price: Free

#02: Score Darts – for Android & iPhone

The Score Darts app not only tracks your darts score, but it also comes with a variety of features. The most impressive feature is called DartBot, which is an automated opponent that you can compete against for practice. You can download from the Google Play store & Apple Play store.

Score Darts Scorer
Price: Free

Basically, it will remember the results of your previous darts games and form a bot competitor against you based on those results. This will help you practice at darts when you have no one else to play against.

Score Darts can track scores of popular darts games like cricket, 501, and 301. You have the option to choose how many legs you want to play as well as how many sets.

Once scores are made on the dartboard, you enter in those scores into the app. The app will analyze the scores and give you statistics and point averages for each player.

#03: Darts Cricket Scorer – for Android 

If you like to play cricket darts and you’re looking for a good cricket darts scoreboard app, then you can’t get much better than Darts Cricket Scorer. This app was made specifically for playing cricket and calculating the scores of each team.

Darts Cricket Scorer
Price: Free

After you enter each player’s name, you will have some optional settings to choose from. You can choose to include or exclude the bullseye in your game. You can also choose to either end the game when one player has hit all the numbers or when each player has hit all the numbers.

Please note that this is only available for the Android mobile devices. If you’re looking for a cricket scoring app for laptops, then try an app called Dart Scorekeeper. It is a little outdated, but it can still function well on any modern laptop or desktop PC. Both apps are free to download, although the Darts Cricket Scorer contains ads as you use it.

Darts Score Keeper
Price: 1,49 €

#04: Ultimate Darts Scorer – for Pc & Laptop 

If you’re one of the rare people in this world who doesn’t own a mobile device, then you can still download a darts scoring app for PC if you have a laptop or desktop. The Ultimate Darts Scorer is one of the most popular darts scoring apps for the PC.

Of course, you would need to actually have your laptop available next to the dartboard while you’re playing the game. This would probably be an unusual scenario unless the game was planned ahead of time. You certainly wouldn’t see this being used in a barroom setting.

The Ultimate Darts Scorer app is still worth checking out. It does all the mathematical calculations of the scoring for you and it is very simple to use. Instead of entering the number of points scored for each throw, there is a virtual dartboard on the screen and you just click on the area of the dartboard that was hit with the dart.

Based on that, the app will know how many points to add or subtract from the total. Once all the legs are finished and the game is over, the app will generate statistics on the performance of the players and even offer some feedback on how to improve.

#05: Essential Darts Scoreboard – for Android Device

Darts players love the Essential Darts Scoreboard app because it is one of the few darts scoring apps that has no advertisements and is 100% free. The design of the app is pretty basic and easy to understand.

You just enter the scores into the app as they’re made on the dartboard. You can choose whether you’re playing a 301 darts game or 501 darts game. Also, there is a rare option to have a three player mode in addition to the one player and two-player modes.

The best part is that you don’t have to stay connected to the internet to keep using the app. As long as you have the app downloaded onto your phone, you can use it anywhere without having to worry about getting a Wi-Fi connection. This means no interruptive pop-up windows while you’re playing a game. For this reason, it is worth checking out.

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