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  • which dart board is best

    Which Dart Board is Best – Bristle or Electronic Dartboard

    Darts is a game that has been played for thousands of years. Of course, the accessories used to play darts have certainly evolved over the centuries. In modern times, a traditional dartboard is one which contains a flat fibrous surface that you throw sharp-tipped darts into. Players will want their darts to stick into certain […] More

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    Darts Scoring -How to Score a Darts Match in Different Method

      The ability to understand darts scoring relies heavily on understanding the dart board and how it is divided. With all the different types of darts games available, the dartboard usually has the same layout for each game. There are 20 divided segments on the board and the middle has the outer bullseye and inner […] More

  • dart rules

    Top 10 Dart Board Rules

    The Top 10 Dart Board Rules refer to the dartboard rules of various darts games that are available to play. All games are played with a dart board and three darts. The dart board is usually made of cork, sisals, or rubber. The diameter of the board is typically 18 inches and contains 20 sections. […] More