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It is expedient to know about the things that you can have when you settle for dart board reviews. However, most customers do not know what they should consider when they are looking for quality products.

This is why we have listed what you must know about dart boards and the things that will give you value for money. This piece can guide you to make an informed decision.

What you will get from this reviews Article:

  • Best Dart Boards Comparison Reviews
  • Kinds of Dart Boards
  • What Material is a Dart Board Made of
  • What is Sisal Dart Board
  • What is Bristle Dart Board
  • What is the best Material for a Dart Board
  • What Kind of Dart Board Should I Buy
  • What Dart Board do Professional Use
  • What is the top Product on the Market
  • Top 10 Bristle, Electronic & Magnetic Dart Boards Reviews with Editor Pick

Dart Boards Reviews in 2019

Before going to look on top 10 dartboards reviews, Let check some important things about dart boards that you have to know :

Kinds of Dart Boards?

There are many different darts games and dozens of types of dartboards Like Sisal/Bristle dartboards, Electronic dartboards, Magnetic Dartboards, Coiled papers darts boards, Wooden dart boards & Cork dart Boards. The most popular dart boards are Sisal or Bristle dartboards, Electronic dartboards & Magnetic dartboards.

What Material is a Dart Board Made of?

Dartboards vary both in materials and layout. Materials used for dartboards have included a wide variety of plastic materials, wood, straw, paper, and sisal fiber. Quality dartboards are still made of sisal fibers; less expensive boards are sometimes made of coiled paper or cork.

There is the electronic version of dart boards that have been embraced by a wide range of people. However, several types of sisal fiber are used in dartboards today, originating from East Africa, Brazil or China.

What is a Sisal Dart Board?

Sisal with the botanical name Agave sisalana is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries. It yields a stiff fiber used in the creation of Dartboards. Sisal has been customized in various ways depending on the need of the dartboard players.

In very simple terms, A Sisal Dartboard is a piece of equipment used in playing the game of darts which helps players hit the right scores. The product is made from Sisal which is currently grown in various countries of the world. In various darts tournaments across the world, Sisal dart boards have been used to run the event.

What is a Bristol Dart Board?

While the name might not be indicative of its characteristics, a bristle dartboard is the standard option, used when playing with steel-tipped darts.

Electronic, plastic-surfaced models also exist, requiring the use of specialized rubber-tipped darts. The electronic models offer helpful qualities like automatic scorekeeping, but not the traditional feel of the bristle board.

The main feature of a bristle dartboard is the compressed sisal fiber that forms the board’s surface. It was first invented by the company Nodor, the compressed sisal fibers are self-repairing, meaning that after you remove the dart from the board, the hole it made will close upon itself.

What is the Best Material for a Dart Board?

The best dartboards are made from Sisal fibers woven tightly together, but some inexpensive and easier alternatives are cork, coiled paper or even cardboard and wood. Contrary to their name, bristle boards are actually made of sisal or hemp.

The sisal fixes itself after a dart hits its, making it a great material for dartboards. The darts used with bristle boards have a steel tip and a body made of brass or tungsten. They aren’t toys by any means.

Also, it is important to state that despite the new innovations that have been created (electronic versions); Sisal still remains the globally accepted norm for professionals.

What Kind of Dart Board Should I Buy?

Assuming you are playing steel-tipped darts, you should buy a bristle or sisal dartboard with the cabinet. While wound paper dart boards are much less expensive, they do not last very long and are not very playable.

There are several good brands that you can find on the market when you want a good dartboard. Bristle dartboards are without a doubt the most common dartboard you are likely to encounter. Electronic dart boards are growing in popularity for its multiple games option, but you will not go wrong if you choose to go with a conventional design.

What’s Dart Board Do Professionals Use?

Bristle, Sisal dartboards, and dartboard wring. It is perhaps the most accepted type of dartboards in the world which professionals players use. In fact, there are certain brands that fall within this genre that have been used to run globally accepted tournaments.

What is the Top Dartboard on the Market?

Best on various responses from renowned professional darts players and other industry experts, the following names kept popping up: Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard, Action Dart Soft Tip Dart Board, Fat Cat Electronic Soft-tip dartboard and Viper Shot King Sisal/bristle steel tip dartboard.

It is vital to mention that there are other factors that may determine what is ideal for you but these are some of the top dartboards you can find.

Now Let’s check out the List of top 10 Dart boards.

#01: Ignat Games Dart Board– Excellent Quality & Worth Price

The uniqueness of this quality dart board makes it the ideal pick for any smart individual. When you understand that it is not every day that you see an item that gives value like this double-sided dartboard, you will settle for its unique design at all times. Beyond the fact that it has a decent price, it is the product of choice for a wide range of people.

Who it’s for: This dartboard is ideal for the professional player, and it can be used for Bristle/Sisal Tournament. Due to its design, it is perfect for those who want to improve their game or make a mark in the way they score.

IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set - Bristle Tournament Dartboard with Staple-Free Ultra-Thin Wire Spider for Higher Scoring Potential + Darts Measuring Tape and Darts Game eBook
  • ELIMINATE BOUNCE OUTS AND BOOST YOUR SCORE: The cutting-edge, ultra-slim wire spider is 65% thinner than the...
  • SELF-HEALING PREMIUM KENYAN SISAL DARTBOARD: Auto-healing surface for long-lasting use and durability. Change position...
  • EASY FAST INSTALLATION: The bristle dartboard comes with a mounting kit included. Set up is as easy as 1--2-3 on any...
  • ACQUIRE NEW KNOWLEDGE & IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS: Make the most out of this darts board set and boost your throwing skills...
  • QUALITY FOR THE PRICE: Get this dartboard as the perfect gift for a darts player, without breaking the bank. Our 10 year...

How Features Provide Benefits:

Reduced Bounce Outs: The design of the board makes it possible for every player to enjoy high scores. There are reduced bounced outs, and you can take your game to a whole new level.

Also, you do not have to worry about misplacing the darts due to the robust design of this product. You may want to look at any other options that are closely related to this design, but it is important to mention that you cannot find something that is exactly like this one.

Complete Staple Free Dart Board Wire System: With an increased scoring area by about 16%, you can reach your highest potential with the use of this product. It is ideal for the professional who is pushing to win an award or simply wants to establish himself as the leader in his range. There is nothing that you want that you cannot get with the help of this unique board.

Self-healing ability: The power of this product to heal itself makes it sublime. It is important to mention that the use of Kenyan Sisal fibers board makes this one of the best that you can find in the market. It uses the components of some of the finest boards you can find to create a unique composition that will put a smile on your face.

New Dart Games: The free eBook that comes with this product gives you over 35 ways in which you can play darts. This means that you can take the fun and excitement to new levels with the help of the manual. It is one composition that you will not find with other dart boards in the market.


  • Reduced Bounce out.
  • Built to last for long.
  • Ultra-slim segmentation system.
  • Official Tournament size dartboard..
  • Comes with dart measuring tape and mounting kit.
  • Has illustrations and darts scoreboard templates.
  • High grade Kenyan sisal bristle fibers.


  • Not sold in all the countries of the world.
  • Not ideal for casual players or beginners.

Final Thought: One of the things that make this product tick is that it beats the conventional offerings that you find in the market. It is important to mention that you can use this to sharpen your skill when it comes to the game of darts.

#02: Viper Metropolitan Dartboard with Cabinet – Good for All level players

This is one of the quality dart boards with cabinets that has a unique design & has endeared it to a wide range of people. Most of those who are abreast about this dartboard call it one of the finest products for anyone who plays the game of darts. It is one unique product that can put the verve in your day.

Who it’s for: When you look at the components used in manufacturing this product, you will think that it is meant for only professional players. It may interest you also to know that this product is ideal for everyone. Any child who is above 12 years can make use of this product.

Viper by GLD Products Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet & Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle: Standard Set (Shot King Dartboard), Oak Finish
  • Comprehensive bundle features the Viper Metropolitan dartboard cabinet available in 4 finishes; Crafted with solid pine,...
  • Open dimensions: 42" L x 27.5" W x 3.5" D; Closed dimensions: 21" L x 27.5" W x 3.5" D
  • Includes a dry erase scoreboard, out-chart board, dry erase marker and mounting hardware
  • Viper Shot King staple-free bullseye dartboard is constructed from sisal/bristle fibers compressed together, providing...
  • Measuring 18" in diameter, the Viper Shot King is official tournament size; A movable number ring further extends the...

How Features Provide Benefits:

Comprehensive bundle features: The different designs and components that come with the product make it iconic. The Viper metropolitan dartboard cabinet is available in 4 finishes; crafted with solid pine, box joints, and bronze hinges.

It can give that visual appeal which you cannot find in any other range. It is superlative for those who are looking to add some glow to their interior decor. It is also good for someone who is trying to teach their loved ones the basics about the game of darts.

Dry Erase Scoreboard: You can take things to a whole new level with the dry erase scoreboard; out-chart board, dry erase marker and mounting hardware. It is important to state that this feature is not easily found in other products.

You can decide to wipe off your scores and start a new scoring system in one swoop. People have fallen in love with this unique feature because it gives you something extra that you cannot find with other products.

Unsurpassed durability: The used of compressed bristle and sisal fibers make it a very solid product. You can use it for many seasons without worrying about the wear and tear that affects other products. It is the ideal choice for the person who knows what they want out of the game.

Dynamic mounting hardware: The ease with which you can mount the product makes it top of the range. It is good for those who want to use it at home or those who want to unwind in an office environment.


  • It has a good diameter.
  • Available in 4 finishes .
  • It is good for all player levels.
  • Has solid open and closed dimensions.
  • It comes in different sets and designs.
  • Movable number ring extends dart boards life.


  • Not good for children below 12 years.
  • Not good for those who do not like cabinets.

Final Thought: There is something amazing about those who settle for this product. You will be able to step out of the mundane and settle for a classy product. It is also ideal for those who are looking to moving their game to new heights. There is nothing that can stop you from painting your world in very bright colors when you know how to connect with this product.

1 Electronic Dartboard is Below

#03: Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 – Multi-Gaming Electronic Dartboard

This is one of the best of the peak electronic dart boards that you can find on the market. It is perfect for those who want to explore something that is different from the conventional dartboard designs. It is important to mention that everyone that has signed up for this product has something special to say about his unique dart board

Who it’s for: This product is good for all level of players. It can be used for tournaments, taverns and for home use. You can explore the beauty of the product by letting it light up your world in a unique way. It is perfect for those who want something different from the basic features of a dartboard.

Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard with Micro-thin Segment Dividers for Dramatically Reduced Bounce-outs and NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability and Playability
  • Tournament-Quality Electronic Dartboard- regulation 15.5” target area
  • 8 Players, 33 Games, 303 Options
  • NylonTough segments improve durability and playability
  • Micro-Thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs
  • Computer verbally voice prompt for players to throw

How Features Provide Benefits

Used for Tournaments: This tournament quality electronic dartboard is full of many unique features. The regulation 15.5’’ target area is something that can give you the verve to live in a world that is full of fun. Beyond its use in tournaments, you can use it in your space to help people bond in a unique way.

Different Games: It has 24 games with 132 variations. This includes 5 Cricket games that help to take your game to a whole new level. There is no room to get bored as there is something that can spice up your day when you connect with this product.

Durable: The nylon tough segments improve the durability and playability. It can be used for several seasons, and anyone who wants to see something new can sign up to the game. It is the ideal way to show people that you have what it takes to paint your world in very bright colors.

Reduced Bounce outs: The micro-thin segment dividers reduce the bounce outs and help to give you an experience that is full of fun. You can make things enter a new dimension by using this board to engage everyone in your world.

It is important to state that everyone who has used this game can attest to the power, the beauty, and the precision that it gives. It is perfect for people of all ages.


  • The product is durable.
  • Very broad diameter.
  • Has 2 sets of Tricolor LED displays
  • Comes with 24 games and 132 variations.
  • Up to 8 players can play at each point.
  • Tournament quality electronic dartboard.
  • Computer verbal voice prompt for players to throw.


  • Not sold in every country in the world.
  • May not appeal to those who live traditional dartboards.

Final Thought: This is the perfect way to set the right sparks flying in your world. It has a robust design that you cannot find with other conventional design. It is a product that has served many individuals, and the reviews have been simply amazing. You can become a person that helps to keep the run on a high level by making this product part of your world.

#04: HoveBeaty Double Sided Dart Board– Good Quality & Reasonable Price

When you need a large magnetic dart board that can work the magic for you, this is the way to go. It is an ideal magnetic dart board for kids or the entry-level enthusiast & adults which come in a very sublime design. You can use it to improve your skills in the game of darts.

Who it’s for: It is ideal for tournament purposes, tavern or home use or convenient to carry and easily fixed at home, office, or clubs. The alternative part of the board is ideal for beginners. This means that the board has something for everyone.

HoveBeaty Dart Board, Dart Game Set with 6 Metal Darts and Double-Sided Flocking Dartboard (18 Inches)
  • 【Double Sided】A regulation-size dart board on one side and a black alternating with white board on the other side....
  • 【Double Flocking】High-quality flocking on both sides for reducing the darts' marks
  • 【Professional Darts】Come with 6 professional training metal darts, you’ll feel the difference with these steel...
  • 【Galvanized Steel Wiring】The board's high-tensile steel wiring increase the durability and longevity of the board
  • 【Widely Used】Good value item ideal for tournament, tavern, or home use, convenient to carry and easily fixed at...

How Features Provide Benefits:

Double-sided board: This steel tip dart board allows you to play the traditional darts game or you can play the bullseye. The two face design means that you can switch to any type of game that you desire in a seamless manner. People have talked about the beauty of this board, but its multi-purpose offering is something that sets it apart from the rest.

Double Flocking: The feature of double flocking makes it difficult for dart marks to be left on the face of the board. The two sides of the board have this same component which means that you can enjoy the game without any issues. It is vital to mention that this has made the product ideal to be used in tournaments.

Good for training: The 6 professional training darts that come with this board make it iconic. It is important to mention that everyone who carries these darts will find out that they are uniquely designed to improve your throwing and style of play. The free 6 steel tip darts help you to practice your own skill.

Galvanized Steel Wiring: The unique high tensile design makes the product rugged, and it can last for many seasons. It makes it beat the conventional offerings that you will find in the market. It is vital to mention that this feature is something that makes it stand tall from the other products that you will find in the market.


  • Has real durability.
  • Has a good visual appeal .
  • Board does not leave dart marks.
  • Two-faced board design makes it trendy.
  • Can be used for tournaments.
  • Multi-purpose use of the board makes it a good investment.


  • Not good for children below 6 years.
  • Not available for sale in all countries of the world.

Final Thought: However, it is not every product that can give you that value that will put a smile on your face. This is why it is important to settle for this product that can help to paint your world in very bright colors. It is time to step into a place where nothing can stop you. This unique product has everything you need to enjoy a good game of darts.

Here: 5 Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews

Buying Guides:

Which Things Should I Know Before Buying A Dart Board:

Who is it designed for: It is important to mention that dart boards are designed with various customers in mind. There are some products that are made for children while others are made for professionals. Also, there are products that may serve professionals, intermediate players or beginners.

A simple understanding of what you must look out for will help you to make the right purchasing decision. For those, who do not really know where to start, you can work with your budget to get the best quality product that meets your needs. You can do well to follow the other points that we will be listed below.

Size of the dartboard: There are different darts boards of a different size. It is not every size that is ideal for you. One of the things that you must settle in your heart is what you intend to achieve with the game of darts.

For example, there are individuals who will want to play the game professionally. This means that you have to use a size that matches your professional needs. Alternatively, if you are a casual player; you can settle for the product the fits the bill.

Size is not essential the major factor that should determine if you will purchase a product or not but it is important to have an idea about what you are going for.

Safety: It is not every dart board that is safe. You do not want something that can harm anyone in your inner circle. One of the things that you must look out for is to ensure that the darts do not easily bounce off the board.

If you realize that the darts do not stick, you must look for other options that will meet your safety criteria. In a sense, you can read the reviews from those who have purchased certain products to know if it is what you want.

Your goal: There are different reasons why you may want to purchase a product. Some individuals want to give it as a gift to their loved ones while others want it to be part of their collections.

It is vital to mention that your goal will determine the type of dartboard that you will purchase. The driving rule is that you must not settle for something that will not give you the value that you are looking for.

Cost: As much as you will like to get a quality product, you must not spend above your budget. No matter the amount that you have at hand, there is a product that can match what you want.

Also, there are channels that may be cost effective to get your dart board. For example, when you purchase from sites like Amazon, you will get a better deal than going for a brick and mortar store dart board sale.

Aesthetics: There are dart boards that look more beautiful than others. If the visual appeal of a product matters to you, then you must go for something that will WOW everyone in your world.

There is nothing wrong to buy a product purely due to its beauty. As long as you are satisfied with your purchase, there is nothing wrong with going by this rule.

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