Best Soft Tip Dart Board-Complete Guide & Reviews

best soft tip dart boards

A soft tip dart board uses soft tipped darts. You will see these a lot with electronic dart boards and plastic molded dart boards. The surface of the dartboard is covered with hundreds of tiny holes.

The tips of the darts are usually made of a flimsy plastic material that you can bend. When a player throws a dart, the tip of the dart must land inside one of the holes on the board.

Soft tip dartboards are used to keep the game safe, especially for kids. The best soft tip dart board is the electronic dart board because it will usually feature lights and sounds too. This makes playing darts more entertaining for people of all ages.

We have made this complete guide in order to help you. We will let you know first what to consider, and then show you our top 8 picks so that you can purchase the best one according to your need.

Best Soft Tip Dart Boards of 2019

  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Soft Tip Electronic Board
  2. Gran Board 2 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard
  3. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard
  4. Fat Cat Mercury Soft Tip Electronic Dartboard
  5. Piero Lorenzo Soft Tip Dart Board
  6. BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard

Soft Tip Dart Board Complete Buying Guide

Types of Soft Tip Dart Board:

There are 2 types of soft tip dart boards in the dart world. They are Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board & Non-Electric Soft Tip dart board. Although they are both soft dartboard there are some differences in their natures & features. For your better understanding, we have highlighted the features of these two.

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Which Things to Consider Before Buying Soft Tip Dart Board:

Size of the Dartboard: There are various sizes of soft tip dartboard on the market. The international Dart Organizations like ADO approve 15.5″ inches soft tip dartboard in their tournaments. So, try to buy a dartboard that has regulation 15.5″ size. Due to that, you can experience every hitting on tournament sized dartboard.

Games: The more amount of games provide more fun for you. The electronic soft tip dartboard offers more games options than rubber soft tip dartboard. So, if possible then you go with electronic soft tip dartboard.

Display: The electronic soft tip dartboards are designed with both LCD or LED display. In case of display for a dartboard, it would better for consider LED display for vivid & clear understanding of scores instead of the LCD display.

Accessories: You need to look at the accessories whether you want to buy electronic or rubber soft tip dartboard. When you want to buy electronic soft tip dartboard you have to consider the number of soft darts, adapters or batteries and hanging material.

If you want to go with rubber soft tip then you need to consider the darts & hanging materials.

Installation: There are different designs of electronic dart boards, and they can be installed in various ways. If you are someone who has enough space, this may not stand as one of the most important things to consider. For example, there are dart boards that can be placed on a table and there are products that can be hanged on the wall. Your preference will guide you to what to do.

Price: Your budget should play a key role in determining the type of product that you will go for. It is vital to mention that there are affordable products that come with very high quality. Carrying out the necessary research will connect you with a product that meets all your needs.

Warranty: We live in a world where consumer rights must be protected. It is important to state that any item that comes with a long warranty is most likely a good deal. There are few dart boards to come with 2 years warranty, but the conventional offer is for 1 year.

6 Best Soft Tip Dart Boards Reviews

Every product that we highlight is based on our experience after using it. Also, we consult widely with our friends, family and loved ones about their experience with the product. Our aim is to ensure that we present the most authentic position that will add value to your life. It is vital to mention that each of the products that we have reviewed remains the top position.

1Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Soft Tip Electronic Board (Top Pick)

This is a unique dart board that can be used by up to 8 players, and it has 4-player tricolor. One of the splendors of the game is that people can use it to bond with their loved ones or it can be used for competitions. It is vital to mention that there is no dull moment when this product lights up your space. It is a must-have for the understanding individual.

Who it’s for: This is one of the best electronic soft tip dart board that is ideal for tournament, family, every player level, and the safety features make it iconic. You can settle for the best brands that are on the market, but this particular item is packed with top quality.

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Feature & Benefits:

Tournament quality:  This electronic soft tip dartboard is a tournament quality product. The regulation 15.5’’ target area has made it the dartboard of choice for many individuals. When you look at the limitations of the conventional dartboard, you will realize that this product has all it takes to put a smile on your face.

Game Variations: One of the things that can kill your passion for any game is monotony. This is why the game variations that come with this dartboard will kill any form of boredom. It has 39 games with 175 variations. It also has 7 Cricket games to choose from. When your friends or loved ones come around, you are not limited by what the traditional dart board has to offer. This gives and keeps giving value in every range.

Durable: It does not make sense to invest in a product that can be destroyed in no time. This is why the nylon tough segments of this dartboard make it durable and playable. You can feel the energy that will surge through when you know that you have a product that can take you to a whole new level. It is the most powerful feeling that you can have in the world. Anyone who purchases this product for personal use can be assured that they are going to keep enjoying it for years.

Reduced bounce outs: It can be frustrating to play the game of darts when the board does not hold the darts. The micro-thin segment dividers which are included in this product have dramatically reduced the incidence of bounce outs. The reduced bounce outs mean that you can enjoy rich rhythm when you are playing the game. There are few things that matter than knowing that you can enjoy real value with this unique dart board.

Multi-player: The joy of playing the game with different players is iconic. It has 4 LED color design, and you can play the game with up to 8 players. It is vital to mention that there are people who are truly professional when they take up the game of darts. This is why the multi-player offer will create healthy competition and make the game fun for everyone.

LED: The LED display brings the modern plan of technology into the game of darts that you have always loved. There is nothing as trendy as observing the aesthetic appeal of this unique game.


  • Played by up to 8 players.
  • Can be used for tournaments.
  • Has 39 games and 175 variations.
  • Has 4-player tricolor LED cricket display.
  • Nylon tough segments make the game enjoyable.
  • The diameter of the product is ideal for every player.
  • Micro-thin segment divider helps to reduce bounce outs.


  • Not the cheapest dart board in the market.
  • Not easy to set up if you dismantle the product.

Final Thought: It is vital to mention that there are few products that can give the right charm and beauty like this unique dart board. You can feel the flow of energy, power, and passion as you connect with this product that is full of charm. It is one of the best things that can happen to your world.

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2: Gran Board 2 Electronic Dartboard – Best Quality,  Works Flawlessly, App Compatible, & Best for Home (Editor Choice)

There are many things that you must know when you are looking for soft tip dart boards for buy. It is necessary to note that there are grand products that have what it takes to deliver the goods. This is why you must not settle for anything that cannot give you the results that you desire. This product is full of class and excellence.

Who is it for?: This product is ideal for anyone that loves the game of darts. It is perfect for any child that is 12 years and above. There are few things that matter than knowing that you have signed up for a product that will keep giving you value for many seasons. This is one of the brand dartboards that gives you real value in every range.

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How its feature Provides Benefits:

Powerful Electronic Bluetooth Dartboard:  This soft tip electronic Bluetooth electronic dart board is one of the best that you can find. It has a very appealing interface that makes it one of the finest things that you can see in this range.

When you want to play the game for fun, or you want to take it more seriously, this dartboard can help you to set things in the right direction. It is vital to mention that it is not so expensive to get this product. This is the choice item that can put a smile on your face.

Runs with AA Batteries: The use of 2 AA batteries to power this product makes it quite exciting. This means that you can set things in motion wherever you go because it is easy to source AA batteries. Also, unlike what you find with other dart boards, you do not need to spend a fortune trying to get electricity to power the product.

It must be mentioned that the AA batteries are not included when you purchase the product. In purchasing the right AA batteries, there are some basic rules that must be observed. You must go for products that have proven to be some of the best brands in the market.

App Compatible: It is App compatible with iOS, Android, and Smart TV. The options allow you to experience the game just the way you love it. It is important to mention that people have different ways in which they love to use their app; the bottom line is that this product can give you the right platform to explore the beauty of the game of darts just the way you love it.

There are times when you may not be in a place where you can play the conventional dart game; the app can help you to set things up in real time. You can share the fun with your friends and loved ones. Also, you can make your office full of entertainment by setting up your app in your office.

Sound Control: The various segments have unique foam pieces that help to control the sound. This makes it more interesting because you can play the game at home or in the office. You will not have to dread about disturbing anyone when you are doing what you love.


  • App Compatible.
  • Has visual appeal.
  • Unique sound control.
  • 22 ¼ round X 2’’ deep.
  • Powered by AA Batteries.
  • Gives different game options.
  • Can be used for friendly tournaments.


  • Does not have 2 years warranty.
  • Does not have a cabinet design.

Final Thought: It is vital to talk about the things that you can enjoy when you settle for this dartboard. It allows you to connect with your loved ones in a fun and easy way. It can make you experience the power, the passion and the light of the things that truly matter to your heart. When you need to make the right impression in a fun and trendy way, this product remains the answer that you need anytime.

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3: Fat Cat Mercury Electronic DartboardMulti-Gaming, Works Well, Easy to Install, & Reasonable Price

This dartboard allows Up to 8 players to be part of the proceedings at each point. The benefit of games that allow multi-player participation cannot be over-emphasized. It is vital to state that there are 34 games and 183 scoring options. This product can help you to keep things in the right stead in your world.

Who it’s for: When you use this Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet, you will realize that it is ideal for players of all levels. It is one unique product that has changed the face of dart boards for good.

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How its feature Provides Benefits:

Different Game Options:  You can explore the 34 games, 183 scoring options and cyber play with 5 skill levels. They can keep you engaged when you are less busy, or you can decide to use it to organize a tournament with your friends.

The options are one of the things that make this product tick. No matter how long you try to cover all the games, you will find something interesting that will keep you going for long. It is one of the best-designed products that you can find on the market.

Reduced Bounce outs: The concave segment holes and ultra-thin spider help to prevent bounce outs. You can explore the power, the beauty and the design of this game by ensuring that you maximize this rich benefit.

Everyone who is familiar with the game of darts knows that it is best enjoyed when the bounce outs are few. You can keep things in the right frame by ensuring that you do not miss out on this great opportunity that comes with this product.

Easy to read control panel: You can enjoy the game, read your scores and follow each moment with the help of the easy to read control panel. It is the ideal component that helps you explore the best of the best that this game of dart can give. Many may argue that the board can stand alone as a quality product, but this addition of this feature is simply sublime.

Sturdy ABS Cabinet: The sturdy ABS cabinet makes it ideal to store the dart board, or you can use it to impress those in your world. Beyond the aesthetics that this feature gives, it helps to make the product durable.


  • Has a game manual.
  • Reduced bounce outs.
  • Unique mounting hardware.
  • Multiple game options.
  • Good for all level of players.
  • Includes 6 darts and 6 spare tips.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • Not good for children below 6 years.
  • Not the cheapest dart board in the market.

Final Thought You can begin to keep tabs on the things that help you to paint your world in very bright colors. This product is something that can give you the lift that you desire. When you want to make a mark in your space, you can use this dartboard to show that you are different. It is a unique item that delivers value in every range.

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4: Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard

This Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard under $50 with regulation 15.5” size features 32 games with 590 variations. Not only that it gathers all your friends or family members under this dartboard through the accommodations up to 8 players.

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HighLighted Features & Benefits:

Good Quality: This tournament quality soft tip dartboard makes dazzling dart gaming experience for its good quality design. The strong polypropylene material that has used to design the surface of the board makes exceptionally durable. So you can play hours of time without getting disturbed.

Reduce Bounce Outs: The reduces bounce outs for the dartboard are a very important thing because it effects on scorings. The ultra-thin spider of this dartboard reduces bounce out greatly. So if you buy this you will get a maximum scoring potentially dartboard that brightens your world.

LCD Display: The stylish color & bright LCD display deliver unquestionably, clear view of scorings & statistics that make yourself enthusiastic to play games more. You can also eliminate the scores through manually.

Free Accessories: For starting the game with this board you don’t need to purchase anything differently. It offers two complete sets of soft tip darts, & extra darts points that enable you to change the darts tip freely. It also gives away you the mounting hardware for easy installation.


  • Good tournament quality.
  • Included 6 soft tip starter darts.
  • Crisp & clear LCD display.
  • Easy to hang anywhere.
  • Ultra-thin segments help to reduce bounce outs.


  • Requires 3AA batteries to operate.
  • Does not ship to all countries in the world.
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5: Piero Lorenzo Soft Tip Dart BoardSturdy, Safe, Darts Stick Very Well, Easy to Play, & Best for Kids

This dart board is ideal for all types of players. It is also suitable for home or office where you can practice easily. It comes in one of the finest designs that you can find in the market. It is important to talk about the things that truly matter because there are too many things that may want to get your attention. It is vital to know that you can stand tall with this dartboard.

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How its feature Provides Benefits:

Easy to Install:  You can use the nail mounting system or the brackets to mount the dart board. It is possible to use it on a table, or you can choose to hang it on a wall. The reason why the options are good for you is that you may want to explore the several ways in which you can play the game.

It is all about going for something that appeals to you. Nothing beats the value and beauty of what you can get by settling for this product that is one of the best that you can find in the market.

Safe to Use: One of the things that will endear you to this dartboard is that it is safe to use. You do not need to worry when your kids hang around you as you play the game of darts. It is the perfect item that can light up your world as you desire.

You can play on the board with soft tip darts safely. Time and again, people have settled for products that can put a smile on their face and that of their loved ones. This product is the answer you need to put things in the right stead.

You must not feel like you have lost out on anything as you can place your order for this product today. It will give you the edge that you need to take your game to a whole new level.

Money Back Guarantee: The 100% money back guarantee that comes with this product is something that you will love. It gives the buyer the requisite peace of mind while it goes on to endorse the capabilities of the manufacturer.

People have talked about the value of the product in becoming the top brand in a very unique way. This is not surprising because the money back guarantee is something that will cause you to cheer.

Perfect as a gift: For those who have individuals who they love, it may be ideal to get them this dartboard as a gift. The visual appeal makes it an essential item that boosts the interior decoration. If the individual wants to sharpen their skill, they can use this game to explore how far that they can go. It creates a huge win for everyone either as the one receiving or giving the item as a gift.


  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Ideal as a gift.
  • Perfect for bonding.
  • Good for kids 6 years and above.
  • Full-size 16-inch Stipple dart board.
  • 100% Money back guarantee.


  • Cannot be used outdoors when it rains.
  • Does not ship to all countries in the world.

Final Thought: There are things that make a product special. When you look at the various features that make up this product, you will discover that it contains all that you need. You can order this product, and begin to live the good life with your friends and loved ones. It is something that you will be glad that you have.

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6: BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard

This non-electronic soft tip dartboard is not only overflowing the safety pastimes but also encourages sportsmanship & attention very well. The board is like a radiant friend for indoor & outdoor playing.

Ideal for: This 15-inch dartboard is great for children, newcomers, family fun & office use.

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Features & Benefits:

Quality: It is a viable & long lasting soft tip board. It is made of polypropylene material. For its material, you need not to worry about the service of the dartboard. The quality of it makes sure your continuous overflowing fun when you play lonely or with friends & children.

Fun For All Ages: This dartboard doesn’t limit the fun as traditional dartboard does. This perfect set of dartboard uncovers the safety fun for your friends, family members, workers, parties, or any other hour that you want to have fun.

Accessories: If you purchase this pretty dartboard you don’t need to go anywhere for other materials. You get 6 soft tip darts & 6 extra tips. The guidebook that comes with it providing informative instruction for you to play out of danger.


  • Nice looking layout.
  • Very easy to Install.
  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Durable & long lasting.
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor.
  • Included free 6 soft darts.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Doesn’t include hanging accessories.
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