Best Darts Player- Know Their Unique Strategy

A close look at the (PDC) world rankings will quickly reveal the dominance of Michael van Gerwen in the game of darts. He won virtually all the tournaments in 2017, and he made almost $2 million from the tournaments prize money. As much as he has been able to show why he is one of the best darts players, we will be looking at all the names that are doing quite well in the game.

Before we proceed to discuss Top 10 darts players and their unique strategy; it is vital to reiterate that the list was compiled based on their current performance. We hope you will enjoy reading through this piece.

10 Best Darts Players & Their Strategy

1. Michael van Gerwen

top 10 darts players

He won the World Dart Championship and earned about $2 million in the past year. He is a phenomenal player that has been enjoying a great season since 2017. He won European Championship, Premier League Darts and the World Dart Championship. He received big prize money from the three events. Now he is now the best dart player ever.

Michael states that one of his winning strategies is to build a very positive mindset that helps him through each game. He states that his passion has helped him to emerge a champion.

2. Peter Wright

richest darts player

This iconic player made a huge impact by winning the UK Open 2017 after he defeated the Welsh competitor (Gerwyn Price) in the final. Peter went on to play that the World Matchplay event in 2017 in which he was a losing finalist.

Although he has been called one of the richest darts player in the world, he believes that keeping a cool head and staying focused has helped him to hit the right marks with ease. Peter is convinced that a strong mentality can help anyone achieve success in the game of darts.

3. Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson darts palyer

He has shown that he is not just a flash in the pan. His consistency in raising his game when the chips are down has endeared him to many individuals. He is considered to be one of the foremost players that have been making a huge impact on the game.

Gary states that his major source of success comes from his family members. They speak words that help him stay inspired, and they support his drive to reach for great heights in the game of darts.

4. Daryl Gurney

Pdc darts players

One of his most striking accomplishments was the tournament he won in 2017 that helped him to earn about $500,000. Among the various PDC darts players, he has stood like a colossus.

During a recent interview by a TV crew, he shared that his success strategy is to do anything that helps him stay relaxed when he plays the game of darts. Daryl said he is not afraid to take on any opponent because he knows that he has what it takes to soar.

5. Phil Taylor

top darts players

Phil has almost become a legend despite his low-income earners in 2017. He has been one of the leading voices that have continued to attract the younger generation to the game of darts.

In one of the presentations he made, he shared the things that people must look out for when they want to get darts board. Phil said there is nothing that can stop anyone from reaching for the stars if they truly believe in their dreams. He is committed to helping people build their self-belief which he knows is the key strategy he uses to win in various games.

6. Adrian Lewis

BDO darts players

People refer to Adrian as one of the most consistent BDO darts players in the world. He has been able to make the top 10 list in the past five years, and he keeps improving his game with each tournament. Adrian says his major strategy for success is the strength in his throws.

He stated that he spends hours working on the muscles of his arm and forearm. This has helped him to hit very high targets.

7. Mensur Suljovic

top darts players

This man has not only won different championships, but he is also currently mentoring young ones to reach for the stars.

He says that his major strategy for success lies in his ability to visualize his game long before he gets to a dartboard. The visuals on his mind help him to connect with the right rhythm when he plays the game of darts.

8. Dave Chisnall

best darts player

Dave is one of the new discoveries that is lighting up the circuit for dart players.

He is one of the leading proponents of the fact that the coordination between a players legs, arm, and body weight will determine how far they go in the game of darts.

9. Raymond van Barneveld

Pdc darts players

He is fully persuaded that he will shortly be the world’s number one player.

His strategy is to look at what the iconic players of dart consistently do, and he strives to emulate them


10. Michael Smith

darts players

He is one of the upcoming names that is touching the world of darts in a profound way.

His strategy is to keep a hard training regime in order to be fit for the various demands of the game of darts.


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