Best Dart Scorers 2019 – Complete Guide & Reviews

best darts scorer

Recording scores for one or two players is easy. But when three or more players play darts games simultaneously, it is not an easy task to record all players’ scores at the same time. So, there will be a possibility for errors during calculations.

Most importantly, you can’t properly concentrate on the game if you have to pay so much attention to keeping track of your scores. As a result, there is a high possibility that you’d lose the game.

The best dart scorers settle all these issues smoothly & correctly. In this dart scoreboards reviews, we help to know about types of dart scorers & to pick the best ones.

Reviews of 5 Best Dart Scorers

1. Arachnid Electric Dart Scorer 

This electric dart scorer is the undisputed best for its very many cool and easy to use features. It works flawlessly with both electronic Dartboards & traditional bristle dartboards.

Its vivid colors LED display produces distinct scores that you can easily read from the throwing line.

It can calculate scores automatically for up to 8 players flawlessly. Plus, its voice prompting feature knows you to scores & player rankings. This feature is especially helpful for physically challenged persons.

You can play up to 24 types of games & all five games by simply setup to your dartboard. You can use it for indoors & outdoors as it is powered by batteries or electricity.

Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer
  • Electronic touch pad dart scorer automatically calculates scores for up to 8 players
  • 4-slot LED shows game scores and cricket results
  • Scores for up to 24 game types, including Count Up, Hi-Score, All Fives, and more
  • Offers 5 cricket games, voice prompts for next player, player rankings, and handicapping
  • The ARACHNID trademark is a registered trademark owned by Arachnid 360 LLC and used by Escalade Sports pursuant to the...


  • Works flawlessly.
  • Sounds are loud enough.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Tons of different games.
  • Flexible functional Buttons.
  • Automatic scoring for players.


  • Sound level is not memorized.
  • Does not ship to all countries in the world.

2.Vipers Digital Dart Scorer

If you want to play all the breathtaking electronic dartboard games on your traditional bristle dartboard with family members or friends, then this digital dart scorer is for you.

Its large and dazzled LCD display ensures you can read the score from the throwing line. It supports up to 8 players and can display points for all of them at the same time, automatically.

You can play 40 different dart games with 655 options. Moreover, it offers a special facility for handicapped persons to play with the computer.

It can be used outdoors, as it is powered by 3 AAA batteries. Its sleeping power mode enables you to save the power of the batteries when you go outside.

Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer , Black
  • Brings all of the exciting games you find with electronic dartboards, and makes them available for steel tip dartboards
  • Features a large, backlit LCD monitor that can easily be seen from the throw line
  • Fun for up to 8 players, with 40 games to choose from and 655 game options, including setting custom handicaps
  • Designed with an auto-off mode and a sleep mode to help save battery power; The soft keypad allows for clear and easy...
  • Measuring 5" L x 1.5" W x 10.25" H, the Viper ProScore is battery operated, which requires 3 AA batteries (not included)


  • Unlimited games options.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Multiplayer playing feature.
  • Easy reading scores display.
  • Much better than scratch paper or calculator.


  • Doesn’t include batteries.
  • Does not ship to all countries in the world.

3. UNB Dry Erase Dart Board Cricket Scoreboard

I have compared multiple similar scoreboards with this scoreboard, but this one stands out, as it balances cool features with affordability. This UNB scoreboard’s surface is designed with sleek. As a result, you can write & erase out very effortlessly.

In addition, you can keep hassle-free tracking of all cricket & 101 dart games in the best way. It’s a sturdy magnetic backing stay plane when you install on your walls. It is also very easy to install on any surface and is reusable.


  • Highly constructed scoreboard.
  • Perfect size for scorings.
  • Cleans up very neatly.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Works great for the game room.
  • Reasonably priced scoreboard.


  • None.

4. EzCricket Scorer 

EzCricket Scorer is solely designed for Android Smartphones users. It is best for scoring your cricket dart games points.

It is suitable for recording scores for two players.

You install it on your Smartphone from Play Store free of cost.


  • Works flawlessly.
  • Only for cricket games.


  • Only available for Android Smartphones.
Darts Scoreboard
Price: Free

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