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  • advantage of dart case

    Advantage of Dart Case – Top 3 Mentioned

    When you want to acquire a good dart case, you always need to think about the type of darts that you have. If they are high-quality darts, then you do need the best dart case you can find. And that’s what the dart case does best, it allows you to make sure that your darts […] More

  • baseball darts introduction

    How to Play Baseball Darts

    Rather than playing 501s or throwing at the 20 continually, there are some brilliant darts games that will allow you (and others!) to have fun while also improving at the game. For example, you could try darts games baseball, cricket, Bob’s 27, around the clock, and more. Today, we want to focus on one of […] More

  • in

    Best Darts Player- Know Their Unique Strategy

    A close look at the (PDC) world rankings will quickly reveal the dominance of Michael van Gerwen in the game of darts. He won virtually all the tournaments in 2017, and he made almost $2 million from the tournaments prize money. As much as he has been able to show why he is one of […] More

  • How to Hit the Bullseye Every Time

    How to Hit the Bullseye Every Time – Top 6 Tips

      Whenever someone looks at a dartboard, they cannot help but focus on the bullseye. This is the center of every dartboard and it is the area where players can score the most points. Of course, not all darts games use the bullseye area, but most of them do. If you can learn to control […] More

  • What Type of Flights Should I Use



    What Type of Flights Should I Use

    Have you ever wondered what those fins on the back of darts are called? They are known as flights. The purpose of flights is to help stabilize the dart in the air after it is thrown toward the dartboard. Just imagine a horizontal axis between the position of your dart and the dartboard in front […] More

  • how to hang a dartboard

    How to Hang a Dartboard – Step by Step Guide

    A layperson might think that it is a simple task to hang a dartboard on a wall. However, this task involves more than just hammering a nail into a wall and then placing the dartboard on the nail. There are several other factors which you need to consider before hanging a dartboard up. For instance, […] More

  • Trending Hot


    Tips in Choosing the Right Sport for You

      Sports Are a fun and social experience that can improve your health and help you develop valuable skills. Sports Have also been found to help overcome feelings of unhappiness, depression and stress. Therefore, if you are feeling motivated, here are some tips in choosing the right sport for you. 7 Tips Choosing Right Sport […] More

  • What to put behind a dart board to protect wall



    What to Put Behind a Dart Board to Protect Wall

    No matter what kind of dartboard you purchase, but the question is raised What to Put Behind a Dart Board to Protect Wall. It is a good idea to place a backboard wall protector behind the dartboard. This will ensure that your wall does not get too damaged or scarred from the dartboard or the darts […] More

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